Project Update April 2012

products include binders, vhs, dvd and screen printed bag

Do you want your own free CD and DVD of these curriculum materials & posters?

Although this project has ended, you can still email us!

Does your school have these “SciHI” Binders & Films? At least one set was delivered to all public charter, middle and high schools in Hawaii in 2007. Ask your principal and/or Science department head where it’s hiding! Unfortunately, we have no binder sets left and no funds remain to order more. But all materials, including updates, can be found here on this Web site. These include:

We hope these resources are beneficial to you, and welcome your input any time (contact info is below)! Māhalo for your interest. :)

About This Project

Nā Hana Ma Ka Ahupua‘a, Science in Hawai‘i, is a 3 year Native Hawaiian Education project funded by a US DOE grant. The curriculum offers middle and high school teachers over one year of General Science Lessons centered on the Interdependence of Natural Resources in our watersheds, the Ahupua‘a of Hawai‘i.

Evidence-based components infused into the curriculum to help all students succeed include:

More about our curriculum

Hawaiian Punctuation

Hawaiian punctuation continues to baffle computers when online, so you’ll find kahako and okina are missing on parts of our Web pages. However, all student handouts should print with correct punctuation—if they don’t, please let us know by e-mailing us at the address below. Māhalo nui loa!

Please contact Sara Banks for more information.